General Subsidy


The general subsidy exists to enable students in Amsterdam to sport with a student atmosphere for a student price. It is primarily intended for UvA/AUAS members. SSA therefore does not pay out extra resources to provide VU students, for example. The subsidy is therefore largely applied for in the form of an amount per UvA/AUAS member.

The general subsidy is not only more complicated than the material subsidy and the tournament subsidy for this reason. In one year, an association requests a certain amount per UvA/AUAS member and receives this amount the following year. This is subject to the condition that the association has attended at least two SSA meetings with at least two board members in that second year. If this is not the case, the general subsidy can be reduced by up to 80%. More about this can be found in the association document. The amount allocated and other resources are set annually in the agreement between the association and SSA.

The deadline for applying for the general grant is 15 februari. Each year, the grant awarded the previous year is paid out in two rounds. ????what needs to be done for that????

The general grant consists of four different components:

  1. Basic fee
  2. Facilities subsidy
  3. Trainer subsidy
  4. Additional financial compensation

Basic fee

This is the minimum amount that an association can apply for from the general grant and consists of €10 per association member who studies at the UvA or the HvA. This is therefore a financial contribution to the association. This amount must be substantiated with the application and explained on what it will be spent.

Facilities subsidy

This includes requests for the use of hall, storage, meeting room and other facilities managed by the USC. Depending on the available facilities, agreements are made about this for each association.

Trainer subsidy

The USC employs trainers who can be specialized in all kinds of sports. An association can submit a request to use one of the USC trainers to provide training for the association. In some cases this can also be at a reduced rate. If an association needs a trainer with a specialization that cannot be found within the USC, the association can apply for a subsidy with an appropriate explanation for a contribution to a trainer from outside.

Additional financial compensation

Associations that cannot use USC facilities or trainers can apply for additional financial compensation on the basis of an extensive motivation.

An application must be complete and well substantiated. So take your time for this. A few things that deserve extra attention:

  • A full list of members is included with the application. It must contain the name, educational institution and student number of each member. If a member is not a student, they must also be on the list, marked as not being a student. At least all UvA/AUAS members must have a UvA/AUAS student number. This only concerns students who actually pay tuition fees to one of these educational institutions (so not VU students who also have a UvA student number). Only members whose information is complete and correct can be included in the calculation for how many UvA/AUAS members an association has. So check your member list carefully and start collecting all data in time.
  • For components 1 and 4 of the general grant, request an amount per member and state how this will be spent. So ask not alleen een totaal bedrag aan.
  • The general grant is intended to make student sport accessible to UvA/HvA students. Wherever a distinction can be made between resources for UvA/AUAS students and other members, this will also be done.
  • Make sure that after reading your application, a complete layman can understand why the requested subsidy is important for the association. Also explain how relevant matters within the association work and why.
  • If you apply the same as the previous year, the complete application must be submitted again. It should therefore not contain references to what was requested the previous year.