Event Subsidy


The event subsidy exists to contribute to the organizational costs of an event or a competition organized by an association affiliated with SSA. The subsidy is intended to make the sports part of the event or competition financially possible, if this is not possible in any other way without the registration costs exceeding a student rate. The application must show why this is the case for your event or competition. It is therefore not the intention that this (indirectly) finances a BBQ or drinks afterwards or the like.

An association can request €350 twice a year, or exceptionally a one-off €500. The deadline for this is at the latest twee maanden vóór aanvang van het evenement. The SSA board assesses complete applications and can award (part of) the amount. Only complete applications will be assessed. The realization of a previously comparable event or competition is appreciated, but not mandatory.

Based on the application and the budget associated with the reimbursement request, a provisional reimbursement is then determined by SSA. The following conditions are taken into consideration:

  • The sporting event must be a student sporting event; students are the main target group.
  • The compensation is only granted if without the compensation there would be a 'loss' on the budget of the event.
  • The sporting event should benefit student sports in Amsterdam.
  • The sporting event must fit within the guidelines of the SSA policy plan.
  • De vereniging moet minimaal door middel van een post op de sociale  media een melding doen van de toernooisubsidie van SSA.

The amount awarded by SSA is a maximum. At the latest one month after the end of the tournament (and before August 5 of the same academic year), the association must submit a realization of the costs for the tournament to SSA, including proof of the costs incurred. If costs have been lower or the tournament has yielded more, SSA reserves the right to reduce the actual amount to be paid with the positive difference on the realization.