Project Plus

The deadline has passed, applications will no longer be processed.

Project plus can be seen as a competition in which the prize consists of an amount of money that is used to finance a sustainable plan that promotes student sports in Amsterdam. The amount of this amount and how often the prize is awarded is determined each year by the SSA board and shared with the associations. The plan can include all sorts of things. Some examples are: increasing safety, purchasing special resources, hiring experts, organizing a special event. The aim of the plan must be to take student sports to a higher level in a certain area. This means that Project Plus differs from the Materials Subsidy.

Project plus consists of a pitch evening where the associations are given time to pitch their plan to a jury. This jury will usually consist of employees of the USC, members of the RvA of SSA and members of the SSA board itself. Prior to this evening, associations must send in a full elaboration of their plan so that the jury can read it. The deadline for this will be communicated via e-mail in good time. After all pitches and a thorough jury deliberation, the winners will be announced.

The plan for applying for an SSA Project Plus contribution should include the following:

  • A clear description of the content of the project.
  • A clear explanation of the necessity and purpose of the project.
  • A comprehensive project budget.

The assessment of the plans will include, among other things:

  • Whether the project supports SSA's objectives.
  • The sustainability of the project (whether it promotes student sport in the long term).
  • The necessity of the project.
  • To what extent the project has been thought through.