A.S.S.W.S.V. Skits

Ice-skating and cycling
SKITS is the Amsterdam Student Skating, Cycling and Inline Skating Association, created in 2003 from a merger of the skating associations of VU and UvA. SKITS focuses on sportsmanship and conviviality. Our 350 members skate, cycle and inline skate at all levels: from beginner to national top, so everyone is welcome! In the winter the SKITS'ers go to the ice rink and in the summer they cycle and rollerblade. In addition, SKITS organizes all kinds of activities throughout the year, such as competitions, skating and cycling weekends, a summer and winter trip, a hitchhiking weekend and cozy drinks and parties. The so-called Social also takes place every week, the moment when SKITS people meet: eating, training and having a drink together.

For €65 per year you are already a member of SKITS. For this amount, as a SKITS member you can participate in all activities that SKITS organizes and participate in all training courses, both the training sessions of SKITS and of the USC and sports center VU. In addition to these sporty and fun activities, it is also possible to develop yourself at our association, for example by joining one of the many committees that SKITS has or by working as a trainer/coach/supervisor at one of the competition teams.

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to get to know SKITS? Then come to our intro period, one of our training courses or visit the bi-weekly drinks. For more information about our association, please visit www.SKITS.nl or send an email to bestuur@SKITS.nl