S.IJ.V.A. Thor

S.IJ.V.A. Thor
Ice hockey
Thor is a student ice hockey association with a great diversity of players. Whether you are a beginner who has never played ice hockey or an experienced player who has played before, we have a team to suit you. You can join us from the age of 18 and boys and girls play mixed. At Thor we have three teams that play at different levels. Odin plays third division and Loki plays fifth division. Thor, our student team, participates in the national student competition, a non-checking league with 6 student teams throughout the Netherlands. The regular season is from September through March. Afterwards there is sometimes the possibility to participate in summer ice cream until June.

All students are welcome to join, develop their skills and be part of the team. Our main goal is to have fun. We play in the Jaap Eden track inside the ice rink. Most teams train twice a week on Wednesday and Friday evenings. The Friday ends with a drink. In addition, there are of course the parties and other fun social activities. Our members are very active and take on a lot themselves. Members come to watch each other's games and help organize them by occasionally helping to whistle and perform other tasks.

If you want to participate, send us an email. We can provide you with equipment for the first few times so that you can see if ice hockey is for you. See you on the ice?