S.K.V. Amsterdam

S.K.V. Amsterdam
S.K.V. Amsterdam was founded in 2002 by a small group of friends and in twenty years has grown into an association with approximately 70 enthusiastic members. S.K.V. In addition to being a real korfball association (with training sessions, weekly matches and student tournaments), Amsterdam is also a real student association. With a three-person board, seven different committees and its own traditions such as the annual gala, the monthly drinks and a joint trip every year. Every week there is something fun to do at S.K.V. Amsterdam, but nothing is mandatory. An ideal way to get everything out of your student days and to combine that with a lot of korfball!

Student korfball is a concept and part of the KNKV. In total there are eleven student korfball associations throughout the Netherlands, one in each major student city. In addition to the regular competition of the KNKV in which all Student Korfball Associations (SKVs) participate, a lot of official and unofficial tournaments are also organized. The official tournaments are real National Championships such as the NSK Korfbal and the GNSK Beach Korfbal. The eleven unofficial tournaments are organized by the student netball associations themselves. For example, S.K.V. Amsterdam has its own IJcup every year. After these eleven tournaments, the balance is made. Who will win the Tournament Barometer and may call themselves the 'best student korfball association in the Netherlands' for a year?