SVU Tenista

SVU Tenista
SVU TeniSTA is a relatively small but friendly student tennis association in Amsterdam. We play at the courts of ALTC De Aemstelburgh, only 10 minutes by bike from student campus Uilenstede. Our association has 150 members, that you will all quickly get to know on the court or during one of our social activities.

We have a weekly toss on Thursday evenings, where everybody can play tennis and have a drink together! On Wednesday evenings there are training sessions in groups on tennis level. Apart from that, we have our own competition teams and organize our yearly Open Pentecost Tournament: a whole weekend full of tennis and fun.

Apart from tennis, we also have regular other activities with our ski trip as literal highlight! Additionaly, we have monthly drinks at Il Caffè on Uilenstede, we have a yearly dies week full of fun activities and we end the year in style with a gala! And that's only a small part of all the fun activities that our committees keep organizing...

You can always join a toss to experience TeniSTA yourself. Send us a message or look at our website for more information.