UvO Amsterdam

UvO Amsterdam
At the USC Science Park you can play volleyball at UvO, the nicest student volleyball association in Amsterdam. Training takes place every Monday and Thursday, followed by a beer (or several) in the Oerknal.

UvO offers various options for playing volleyball: First of all, you can participate in the Amsterdam competition. UvO has five men's and eight women's teams. Our home play evenings are on Tuesdays in the Alderman Verheijhal. If you do not want to play in a competition, you can choose to train only with a UvO team.

In addition to sportsmanship, sociability is also very important. That is why UvO organizes a monthly drink in the Komeet, the elevated part of the Big Bang, and many parties, activities and tournaments throughout the year. For example, UvO has an annual introduction weekend, a winter sports trip, gala, and UvO organizes its own grand tournament. Finally, you can also play recreational volleyball at UvO. The recreational players train twice a week. It is also possible to extend your recreational membership to a recreational + membership. This means that you can participate in the many fun activities of UvO.